A full-stack toolkit for Cloudflare Workers.

The best parts of D1, R2, Queues, and more—all in one place.

export async function action({ params }) {
const post = await Post.find(params.postId);
post.name = "New name";
await post.save();
return json({ post });


Hello, Superflare

Superflare is an experimental full-stack toolkit for Cloudflare Workers. It features a relational ORM for D1 databases, utilities for R2 storage, and lots more.

Superflare is not a full-stack framework. In fact, Superflare works best when combined with Remix, Next.js (soon!) or Nuxt.js (soon!).

Check out various Superflare example apps to get a feel for what you can build next, or get started with a new Superflare application.

Check it out on GitHub, or create a new app right now:

npx superflare@latest new

Superflare is a project created by me, Josh Larson.

I'm doing this to have fun and not to support all of your production apps for $0. If you're curious, read more about my design principles.